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Updated 30.06.2000

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Hi! I suppose you are expecting some interesting details of my private live on this site. Well, you might be lucky, since I don't even know myself what I will write down here ... Be sure to look around from time to time, because I'll keep only the last few entries.
29th January 2000
This is the very first entry to my Online-Diary. I'll keep it short, because I rather should be learning for my final exam than working on my homepage, you know. : ) So ... cu later, I have to go shopping for my mother.

10th February 2000
It's my second day back at work. Ah yes, I passed my final exam of my first traineeship. : ) Now I work as kind of secretary till I start my second traineeship on a total different area in autumn. I think I'll have now more time to work on my homepage.

10th April 2000
I promised to myself to spent more time on building my homepage, today. After all my mood is getting better now, because it seems that spring has really started here, finally. :)
I really have to plan my holiday for this year ... I just can't decide between London and Mallorca.

22th April 2000
Happy Easter! Weather was great today! I enjoyed this unexpected summer-day outside in the sun and with my family. After I relaxed a lot this afternoon I'm working with my PC this night, including my homepage.

30th June 2000
Ok, it's bin over two months since my last entry. A lot of various things happend. First, I celebrated my birthday on 11th May. Second, my best friend married her long-year-boyfriend on 3rd June. Third, I just came home from a 10-day holiday on Mallorca. Ah! Not to forget ... my cat Deliah celebrated her 1st birthay on June, 23. :)

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