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I read/know the following books of David Eddings. They are all of the fantasy genre, and I think he was the very author who made me a fan of it.
Some years ago, my brother gave me the third Belgariad-book as a birthday present. He didn't have much money then and so it was second-hand qualitiy, because he read it before me. I have to thank him very much for it!
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Belgariad-Saga: 1. Kind der Prophezeiung / Pawn of Prophecy
2. Zauber der Schlange / Queen of Sorcery
3. Spiel der Magier / Magician's Gambit
4. Turm der Hexer / Castle of Wizardry
5. Duell der Zauberer / Entchanters' End Game
Malloreon-Saga: 1. Herren des Westens / Guardians of the West
2. König der Murgos / King of the Murgos
3. Dämon von Karanda / Demon-Lord of Karanda
4. Zauberin von Darshiva / Sorceress of Darshiva
5. Seherin von Kell / Seeress of Kell

Belgarath der Zauberer / Belgarath the Sorcerer

Polgara die Zauberin / Polgara the Sorceress

Der Riva Codex / The Rivan Codex

Those 13 books are all playing in one universe. They should be read in this order, although "Belgarath" and "Polgara" are telling stories from the past, before "Belgariad" started. "The Rivan Codex" is full of backround-infos etc. and you either would spoil the stories yourself or you wouldn't understand a word if you read this book not in the last place. This is the very last book of this universe, as David Eddings answered to a fans letter.

Elenium-Saga: 1. Der Thron im Diamant / The Diamond Throne
2. Der Ritter im Rubin / The Ruby Knight
3. Die Rose aus Saphir / The Saphire Rose
Tamuli-Saga: 1. Die Schimmernde Stadt / Domes of Fire (reading at the moment)
2. Das Leuchtende Volk / The Shining Ones (not yet read)
3. Das Verborgene Land / The Hidden City (not yet read)

As far as I know these 6 are the only books of this universe and there are no more continuations planned here, too.

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