Polgara the Sorceress - Author: David Eddings

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I was on holidays in London when I saw the english version of this book at the airport on my last day. Unfortunatelly I had not enough money left to buy it, so I had to wait till it was available in Germany. I have to admit that I thought this book couldn't be as interesting as Belgaraths. Ok, yes ... I didn't like Polgara very much at this time. This surely was a result of her fathers book, which had impressed me very much. She hadn't a big role in there, and it was long ago that I read the other 10 books. Shortly after I started with "Polgara" I changed my mind. It was even BETTER than Belgaraths book ... and I LOVED this sorceress! Still ... through her stories I wished there would be a Poledra-book, too. I'd really like to know more of this fascinating character.