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I like to show you some pictures, links and specials I found about wolves here. They are, next to cats, my favorite animals.
Running Wolf
Have you ever wished to be a wolf? Your wish can come true! I created a mailing list at egroups (now becoming transfered to Yahoo-Groups) where everybody is invited to join a wolf-RPG (role playing game). You just have to sign in and make up a wolf (or perhaps even another creature?).
I started this with my she-wolf called Shlainne. She is still quite young and has black and grey fur.
Right at the moment she wanders alone through the cold winter and hopes to find other wolves.
The RPG itself is meant to be in english, because I hope to find more interested people this way. ;) Nevertheless there are as well german and english links on this page. Choose the one, you prefer!

english german
Visit the english site! Besuch' die deutsche Seite!
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